Maybe something healthier…

When you think of baking does your mind think of delicious cakes and gooey choc chip cookies well i think of that too.

When i bake every week i don’t want to just make just sugary (still nice though) bakes, maybe something healthier like i was thinking of doing baked, healthy meals so my baking is of use.

According to the NHS there has been an increase in obesity by only 18% since 2017 but just think that if we keep eating fatty/ unhealthy foods that number could rise by a huge amount…

This weekend i made fruity flapjacks and scones with reduced sugar which were amazingly delicious and i don’t usually like scones which is a bonus. So maybe i could make more foods like that. Plus im getting more fruit and nuts into my diet especially the ones that give my iron as im low in that Fe metal.

So maybe we all should try to make something without adding sugar or something to give us our 7 a day as it will help us all out.

Thanks for reading have a lovely day,

Megan x

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socially awkward 18-year old who loves to draw and bake

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