Hi my name is Megan Amelie Davidson and as you can tell I bake. I’ve recently been accepted to a bakery Level 2 course at college so I can gain qualifications for my future as a baker. So here is some questions about me…

Q1- Do you have any siblings?

= Yes I have a little brother called Eli and he loves cats and Football

Q2- Do you have any pets?

= Yes I have a very sleepy tortoise called Winnie who i don’t see a-lot as she’s always hiding. I also have 2 cats Jay and Nym (pronounced Nim) who are very cute but crazy. Jay tumbles around and Nym’s Fruit loops.

Q3- What’s your hobbies?

= Well, I bake, occasionally do some yoga too as it de stresses me and makes me feel calm. I aslo love to doodle (you should see my school books).

Q4- Why do you love to bake?

= It’s just super fun and relaxing. Plus I love to see peoples frowns turn upside down and it’s a bonus to know what goes in you mouth when you eat it.

_If you have any questions please feel free to ask as thats what i’m here for_

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