Maybe something healthier…

When you think of baking does your mind think of delicious cakes and gooey choc chip cookies well i think of that too.

When i bake every week i don’t want to just make just sugary (still nice though) bakes, maybe something healthier like i was thinking of doing baked, healthy meals so my baking is of use.

According to the NHS there has been an increase in obesity by only 18% since 2017 but just think that if we keep eating fatty/ unhealthy foods that number could rise by a huge amount…

This weekend i made fruity flapjacks and scones with reduced sugar which were amazingly delicious and i don’t usually like scones which is a bonus. So maybe i could make more foods like that. Plus im getting more fruit and nuts into my diet especially the ones that give my iron as im low in that Fe metal.

So maybe we all should try to make something without adding sugar or something to give us our 7 a day as it will help us all out.

Thanks for reading have a lovely day,

Megan x

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Jammie Dodgers

Happy valentines everyone.

For this week I wanted to make some jamie dodgers as they are the biscuits of love.

In the second picture the jamie dodgers are batman, a heart (kindof) and an L as it was also my best friends birthday. He really liked it.

The biscuits i made were very thick but still melted in my mouth. Next time id probably make them thinner. Atleast the ratio of jam to biscuit was perfect…


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Bakewell tarts

I havent made pastry since 2016 so i decided to make some bakewell tarts.

They were made with half and half flour as i only had 100g of plain flour so why not use 100g of wholeweat too?

They tasted gooood and looked rustic and instead of icing i used just icing sugar so its not too sweet.

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Gooey, Cheesy, Pizza, Pasta.

This is my own recipe that i’ve created because I love pasta and I wanted to mix it with pizza.

I did a-lot of research on cheese and from my own preferences and picked out the best cheeses for this dish.

However I have not yet made this but I will soon…


Mozzarella: This cheese, made in Italy, is made from the milk of the water buffalo (buffalo mozzarella) or cows (mozzarella). Tastes salty and mildly creamy.

Monterey Jack: This cheese, made in the USA, is made from a cow and lasts up to a month. Very gooey and easy to melt. Tastes mildly buttery from it high butterfat contents.

Cheddar: This cheese comes from good old England and it’s made from the milk of cows. Tastes deep, tangy and nutty and lasts about a year.


Tagliatelle: Originated in Italy, this pasta is the flat, rolled pasta of the Emiglia-Romagna region where it’s made fresh and then cooked.

Add ons:

Sweet basil: Most common type of basil used in italian cuisines and tomato dishes. Tastes mild and sweet.

Tomato sauce: This will add 5 a day to the pasta and provide a fresh, tangy taste.

Salami: A cured sausage made from fermented and air-dried beef or pork.


What you will need:

50 ml of Unsweetened Cashew Milk

45g of Butter.

45g of Flour.

62g of Mozzarella.

100g of Light Mature Cheddar.

100g of Monterey Jack.

250g of Tagliatelle.

3 Basil Leaves. (For Garnish)

50g of Tomato Puree.

5 slices of Salami Chopped.

How to make it:

Step 1: On a high heat boil the pasta in water for 8-10 mins or until soft all the way through.

Step 2: Once cooked, strain until excess water has gone.

Step 3: On a medium heat, melt the butter and add the flour.

Step 4: In the same pan, melt the light mature cheddar and Monterey Jack until combined whilst slowly whisking the milk in at the same time to form a thick, gooey, glossy, mixture and hopefully no lumps.

Step 5: Add in the tomato puree and the chopped salami and stir till combined.

Step 6: Take the mixture off the heat and fold in the pasta.

Step 7: Serve with a garnish of basil and enjoy!

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My Mum’s B-day Cake

For my mums b-day i made her an unicorn colored, orange cake and im just gonna say do you know how people dont like cake as its “too sickly” well this is the solution as omg it has sugar in but it is not sickly at all!and my mum loves it.

My little bro’s birthday cake:

Cat cake for my little bros (9) birthday:
If this looks familiar, the cat it bongo cat (meme cat) but i added colourful ears and arms.

My little bro said it was “very well designed and yummy”.


Made 4 pizzas this week. (very fun.)


My 1st pizza was a homemade, cheese-string stuffed crust, healthy, whole wheat, pizza (that was a mouthful) and it was goood. However, the cheese strings weren’t very gooey like the internet said they would but i should’ve known as ‘don’t believe everything you see on the internet’.

2 days after…

Went to a chesterfield college taster session as I want to do a baking apprenticeship. I made 3 Hawaiian pizzas and I learnt some knife skills (with a massive knife), and that white dough is nicer that whole wheat dough and that I really want to be a baker as apart from the awkward silence it was really stress-free and fun.

p.s: if anyone in chesterfield, derby shire,England knows any bakeries that do apprenticeships for next year let me know in the comments.

Megan x


Rich Iced Biscuits

 Ooo i love these and they’re the 1st biscuits that i can actualy shape so of course i made ninjas with my dads cookie cutters and then i also made a cat for my bro and a shark dog usong a knife.

These probably work better than the others due to the recipie as usually i use American recipies yet im British so this time i used a british one and its better.

Easter Cupcakes

Oooh, these were something. I made some yummy chocolate cupcakes with the leftover icing on top from the Victoria cake I made a couple of weeks ago. The icing was in the fridge chillin out hopefully hardening but nope I put it in a piping bag and started piping but then I realised there was a hole in the stupid, piping, bag which mean’t the icing went all over me but oh I didn’t let that stop me from icing my cakes. Nope, I carried on icing my cupcakes and all I can say is at least they still look nice (ish) Then as I was finishing up my dad placed some mini eggs (which are AMAZING) on top which gave them that easter touch.

A few days later…

Always watch where you put the cupcakes as they fell on the floor as my mum got something that was next to them. Well i did save the best ones and placed them in a different place so luckily, they didn’t get destroyed. Phew, that was a rollercoaster of emotions!

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 12.31.15 pm